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Enjoy a Tasty Treat at the World Famous Bubble Cafe

Enjoy a Tasty Treat at the World Famous Bubble Cafe

What was once just a few tables in the front room of a family home in Captiva, Florida would soon grow into one of the most famous restaurants in the state and create a unique aesthetic that can be seen all around the island today.

The Bubble Room first began feeding guests in 1979 when the Farquarson couple opened up their home to hungry visitors looking for a place to enjoy some delicious home-cooked recipes and some huge desserts the restaurant would later become known for. In order to begin drawing more guests to their restaurant, the couple began to decorate it with vintage toys from the thirties and forties and other kitsch items that might catch a passerby’s eye.

Bubble Room

The whimsical decor mixed with the positive reputation of the food began to draw in tourists and locals alike in droves. The Bubble Room gained its reputation almost exclusively on word of mouth reviews with visitors seeking it out. The perfect time to check this unusual restaurant out is when attending a primary care continuing education conference hosted by Continuing Education Company.

The restaurant had to expand quickly to accommodate the flood of guests who came in search of great food and a unique ambiance. The collection of toys expanded to include numerous different trainsets, which eventually expanded into a Christmas themed room complete with numerous different Santa Claus and elf sculptures. The kitsch theme of the restaurant didn’t just stay within its walls but overflowed into the aesthetic of southern Florida itself.

The Farquarsons were the first restaurateurs in the area to incorporate a pastel rainbow palette in their design. What was originally meant to serve as a kind of neon sign to draw visitors in was soon adopted by surrounding restaurants and has become a regular feature of the island today.

The Bubble Room restaurant has become so popular that it has a few locations across Florida and employs hundreds of local Florida residents but only the original restaurant has the most unique decor and the best food. Perhaps the best part of visiting this tourist hotspot is the chance to sample some of their amazing and massive desserts.

Orange Crunch Cake

Some of these dishes include Florida favorites like cream and custard pies served in huge slices that are perfect for sharing or as a nice treat to end a perfect vacation day. If you’re looking for a local favorite then be sure to try their famous orange crunch cake, which can be prepared pretty easily at home if you just can’t wait to try it before you head on vacation, just be advised that no one makes it better than its creators at the Bubble Room. Don’t miss your chance to complete courses while relaxing in the warm Florida sun and eat some delicious food in a very unique setting that you can’t find anywhere else.

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