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See the Wonderful Wildlife of Sanibel Island

Do you love wildlife or are you interested in learning more about all the unique species that call Southern Florida home?

If the answer is yes or if you are just looking for a nice place to spend part of your vacation while donating to a good cause then you should consider visiting the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife or C.R.O.W. visitor center on Sanibel Island. This teaching hospital was founded a little over fifty years ago by Shirley Walter when she noticed there were no emergency veterinary hospitals in the area which would be able to care for the numerous species of local wildlife who call the island home. What started off as a humble dream slowly transformed into one of the best veterinary clinics in the area, a valuable learning tool for the public, and one of the highest-rated tourist attractions in the area.

Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife

While the operating rooms are certainly off-limits to the public, C.R.O.W. is very open to giving both locals and tourists the chance to look behind the scenes of wildlife rescue and emergency veterinary care. The visitor center is a great and fun learning resource for people of all ages with plenty of interactive displays and exhibits as well as presentations given by both students and experts. It is here that you’ll learn all about the history of the organization and the numerous different animals the hospital has cared for over the years.

Unlike a lot of veterinary clinics that often specialize in a couple of species, this hospital has vowed to accept any local species of wildlife in need of any level of care. Perhaps the most unique attribute of this hospital is the specialized critical care they can give to the numerous different species of migratory birds who travel to the island every year. They are one of the only hospitals in the nation that can provide immediate critical surgical operations for birds making them an invaluable resource for preserving both threatened and endangered species of migratory birds.

The visitor center also aims to educate the public about the dangers of invasive species that have wreaked havoc in Florida. Many of these animals originated in the exotic pet trade such as boa constrictors and cichlid fish whose owners released them into the wild. The added competition in an already fragile ecosystem has made the role of C.R.O.W. even more important to preserving local species who are now threatened by extinction.

Wildlife Walks

Besides taking a trip through the visitor center another must-do activity is to go on one of the clinic’s wildlife walks. Here a guide will show you around the hospital and the grounds and you’ll get the chance to see just some of the vast array of wildlife the center is currently caring for. Having cared for over five thousand animal patients in 2020 alone there is undoubtedly an animal here that you will connect with.

Although, the center aims to eventually release all the wildlife that comes into their care some of the time an injury may just be too severe or the animal is just unable to return to the wild. In these cases, the hospital also functions as an animal sanctuary where these creatures can live out the remainder of their lives in peace and top-quality care. Whether you have an interest in reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, or fish this center has plenty of animals for you to learn about.

If you decide to attend one of  CEC’s CME live conferences on Captiva Island and you’re still in the mood to learn something new or are just looking for a place to relax and connect with wildlife then stop by the C.R.O.W. visitor center on Sanibel Island which is just a short drive from Captiva and the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. Besides getting the chance to learn all about the unique ecology of the island you’ll be supporting a good cause that helps train the next generation of veterinarians and preserve the wildlife that you cannot find anywhere else.

Perhaps the best part of visiting this tourist hotspot is the chance to sample some of their amazing and massive desserts. Some of these dishes include Florida favorites like cream and custard pies served in huge slices that are perfect for sharing or as a nice treat to end a perfect vacation day. If you’re looking for a local favorite then be sure to try their famous orange crunch cake, which can be prepared pretty easily at home if you just can’t wait to try it before you head on vacation, just be advised that no one makes it better than its creators at the Bubble Room. Don’t miss your chance to complete courses while relaxing in the warm Florida sun and eat some delicious food in a very unique setting that you can’t find anywhere else.

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