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A Comprehensive Guide to Physicians’ CME Requirements by State

As a medical professional, you go through rigorous training before actively practicing. But after that, the need to continue learning and revisiting fundamentals is crucial for your development and your patients’ safety. As a result, each state's medical board will have a required number of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, and a time period in which the requirements must be fulfilled.

For some states, credits need to be earned on a yearly basis, and in other states, there is a total number of credits that need to be accumulated within as many as four years. There are outliers such as Colorado, Montana, and South Dakota, which don't require CME, but all other states have varying degrees of requirements for continued education, some requiring as many as 200 in four years, such as Washington, and some that require far fewer, such as Indiana.

State Changes to CME Requirements for Physicians due to COVID-19

In light of the pandemic, many states temporarily altered or deferred their continuing education requirements for a number of healthcare professionals, recognizing the difficulties medical professionals might have in meeting those requirements due to the pandemic.

Some of these special provisions may have been extended and some have expired since being issued, so be sure to check with your state's medical board to verify how many AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ you need to maintain your licensure.

CME Requirements For Medical Doctors By State

State CME Credit Requirements Year(s)
Alabama 25 1
Alaska 50 2
Arizona 40 2
Arkansas 20 1
California 50 2
Colorado N/A  
Connecticut 50 2
Delaware 40 2
District of Columbia (D.C.) 50 2
Florida 40 2
Georgia 40 2
Hawaii 40 2
Idaho 40 2
Illinois 150 3
Indiana 2
Iowa 40 2
Kansas 50 1
Kentucky 60 3
Louisiana 20 1
Maine 40 2
Maryland 50 2
Massachusetts 50 2
Michigan 150 3
Minnesota 75 3
Mississippi 40 2
Missouri 50 2
Montana N/A  
Nebraska 50 2
Nevada 40 2
New Hampshire 100 3
New Jersey 100 2
New Mexico 75 3
New York infection control²  
North Carolina 60 3
North Dakota 60 3
Ohio 50 2
Oklahoma 60 3
Oregon 30 1
Pennsylvania 100 2
Rhode Island 40 2
South Carolina 40 2
South Dakota N/A  
Tennessee 40 2
Texas 48 2
Utah 40 2
Vermont 30 2
Virginia 60 2
Washington 200 4
West Virginia 50 2
Wisconsin 30 2
Wyoming 60 3


The requirements presented above are representative of physicians operating within those states who are not newly licensed and are regularly renewing their license each renewal period. Physician assistants, doctors of osteopathic medicine, and other medical professionals may have different CME requirements.

¹ Indiana doesn't have specific CME requirements aside from two hours of CME regarding the prescription and abuse of opioids for each renewal period.

² New York requires medical practitioners to complete training related to infection control to maintain their licensure.

How to Fulfill Your CME Requirements

Regardless of your state's CME requirements, getting the necessary credits can prove challenging. With your responsibilities at work, home, and in the community, continued education training is easy to lose track of over the course of a couple years.

Of course, CME credits are crucial for keeping yourself informed and maintaining your licensure. So, how can you fulfill these requirements without becoming overwhelmed by stress? Here are a couple tips to help you meet your state's CME requirements.

Spread the Load

You don't want to find yourself cramming all your CME just prior to relicensing. Not only would it be highly stressful, but you can't rely on being able to schedule enough in that case.

  • Look at how much CME you need and the time period you have to obtain it within
  • Divide your needed CME over time—try calculating how much CME you need to complete each quarter or six months
  • Compare this with your work schedule to find the most opportune times

Once you have a firm grasp on the rate at which you'll be needing to get credits, it's time to start registering for CME events.

Register Early for CME Events

When you register for CME events, it's always a good idea to do so well in advance. Not only does this ensure you'll have a seat, but it also simply gets the event on your calendar so you can prepare for it. The Continuing Education Company gives you the option to register now and pay later, so you can reserve a place at conferences without being locked in.

Communicate With Your Team

CME events will often take you away from your work. In this case, make sure you have briefed your team on what to expect while you're gone, and how and when you can be reached. Doing so ensures that your team is set up for success during your absence.

The Continuing Education Company Can Help You Earn Credits

You know what else helps reduce the stress of earning your CME credits? Doing so in a beautiful location!

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