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America’s Largest National Park

Just outside of Juneau is the largest area of publicly owned land in the United States. Tongass National Forest covers 26,560 square miles and preserves almost all of the Alaskan panhandle. The land was first established as a National Park in 1907 and encompasses several different areas of pristine wilderness including mountainous archipelagos, fjords, temperate rainforests, tundra, spruce forests, and glaciers.

One of the most famous and most accessible areas of the park is the Mendenhall Glacier. This natural wonder is about 3000 years old and approximately 13.6 miles long, 1.5 miles wide, and over 100 hundred feet in volume at its thickest point. The glacier is remarkable not only for its size but also its proximity to the city. Mendenhall Glacier is only about a twelve minute drive away from the city and is accessible to visitors all year round. The glacier is also far enough north that it is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights in the winter. Guests visiting the park might also want to consider going to the Mendenhall Visitor Center, which includes great information about the geological history of the wonder and has different activities available for both adults and families. Visiting Mendenhall Glacier is a perfect activity to do when the Continuing Education Company’s Alaska continuing medical education cruise conference stops at Juneau.

Tongass National Forest is remarkable for both the geographic beauty of the landscape and the amount of rare and interesting animals that call the park home. The park preserves numerous different species of fish, whales, sea lions, sea otters, wolves, moose, deer, elk, and brown and black bears. Bears are some of the most popular attractions when they make an appearance and there are several bear viewing areas set up by the park. There are also numerous different wildlife tours available for any visitors interested in specific areas or animals.

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