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Cruise through Alaska's Beautiful Inside Passage

Located between the Gulf of Alaska and Puget Sound is Alaska’s astounding Inside Passage known the world around for its rich history, beautiful scenery, and wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. The passage itself formed millions of years ago when glaciers carved the landscape to form mighty mountains and still waters. Today the mighty miles of dark blue glaciers are still enjoyed by the numerous tourists who flock to travel there today. The history of the passage is just as rich as the scenery itself. The Klondike Gold Rush brought numerous prospectors to Alaska who dreamed of making their fortunes as they gazed at the mighty scenery around them.

One of the best aspects of taking a cruise through these beautiful passages is the guarantee that you will see wildlife. As your ship gently glides through the still waters and winds its way around the mighty mountains you will see miles and miles of untouched and pristine wilderness. Numerous species of local wildlife call this paradise home and as you are relaxing on the deck you will almost certainly see seals hunting for fish or bald eagles soaring through the heavens. If you’re really lucky or just have a keen eye you may also see bears fishing on the coast or even humpback and killer whales breaching for air as they dive back into the still blue waters. During Continuing Education Company’s Alaska CME Cruise, attendees have seen whales right from the conference room windows!

While the cruise certainly does offer plenty to see and do during your journey through Alaska’s Inside Passage the different ports offer plenty of activities to help you get the most out of your adventure. Some of the most popular ports to stop at including Tongas National Forest, Gold Rush National Historic Park, Misty Fjords National Monument, and Glacier Bay National Park. The ports all offer plenty of fun excursions including kayaking, hiking, and historical tours as well as plenty of amazing food to try like locally caught wild salmon. Taking a trip through Alaska’s Inside Passage or sure to be any photographer’s or wildlife enthusiasts’ dream. So don’t miss your chance of visiting one of the world’s most beautiful places and exploring all the wildlife and history this unique cruise will give you.

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