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Discover the Wildlife in Palm Coast, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida, a city in Flagler County, holds some of Florida’s most notable beaches and ocean fronts within the state. 

The city of Palm Coast is home to a dozen parks and boasts over 125 miles of trails and paths for cyclists and runners, showcasing the perfect scenery for nature enthusiasts, locals and visitors alike. Because of Palm Coast’s landscape and climate, the city offers up close and personal views of many species of wildlife, including birds, dolphins and more.

Sea Turtles

While there are hundreds of species that call Palm Coast, Florida home, sea turtles are one of the most popular ocean-loving creatures to see while visiting the city. There are five species of sea turtles that reside in Palm Coast, including Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles, Leatherback Turtles, Kemp’s Ridley and Loggerhead Turtles.

Depending on when you visit Palm Coast, you may actually see the nests as the turtles come to shore to lay their eggs to hatch. From May 1st through October 31st, you will be able to spot sea turtle nests, and if you are even luckier, baby turtles hatching and making their first trek beyond the beach and out into the ocean waters.

 Flagler Turtle Patrol

In Flagler County, volunteers make up a non-profit group known as the Flagler Turtle Patrol. These volunteers are great people to connect with to get an up close and educated look at a sea turtle’s nest and learn more about these fascinating creatures. Often times, the sea turtle nests will be marked with a survey ribbon and stakes to signal to those passing by that it is a protected nest. You can even follow the Flagler Turtle Patrol on their Facebook page to see where they will be each day, as the monitor, clean and inspect the nests and any hatchings. Each morning, before sunrise, you can find the Patrol roaming the beach to keep tabs on and protect these vulnerable nests.

All five species that call Palm Coast, Florida home are on the endangered species list. Individuals can be fined up to $20,000 for tampering with or disturbing a protected nest. A mother sea turtle typically lays 100 eggs per “clutch,” the word used to describe its delivered group of eggs. Each mating season, the mother usually lays about 4.5 clutches, however, few babies hatch, make the trek to the ocean waters and survive the wild. In fact, only 1 out of 1,000 makes it to the water and an additional 1 out of 10,000 of those survivors actually make it to adulthood when they can reproduce. Because of how rare these species are, seeing them up close as they fight to beat the odds and survive is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience while visiting.

In addition to the five species of sea turtles that take up residence in Palm Coast, manatees are another must-see while visiting the city. Manatees mainly reside within the gulf coast but can be seen in Intercoastal waters and the canals of Palm Coast. Manatees are also listed on the endangered species list.


Manatees are known for their large body size and face full of whiskers are they bob up and down within the ocean waters. Also known as sea cows, manatees can weigh over 1,000 pounds and are herbivores, living off of a diet of plants. Manatees are the official marine mammal of Florida. According to estimates, there are only about 6,000 manatees that call Florida home. They are gentle creatures and do not have a specific mating season.

During your time in Palm Coast, take a walk on the beach to take a closer look at an endangered sea turtle’s nest or try to catch a glimpse of a manatee swimming by. Palm Coast is sure to not disappoint, offering locals and visitors alike a unique experience with marine wildlife.

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