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Explore the Exciting History of Country Music

There is perhaps no music as uniquely American as country music whose rich roots dig deep into the musical traditions of folk, soul, gospel, and blues and expand into the wide ranges of the numerous different genres that exist today. With its humble origins in the American South and the Western frontier, the genre that would become known as country music has been performed by numerous different iconic artists who entertained millions of people drawn to its unique twang and heart pulling melodies. There is no honor greater for these artists and their dedicated fan bases than to be inducted in Country Music Hall of Fame located in the heart of Music City itself Nashville, Tennessee. To become a member of this legendary organization requires a lifetime of dedication to performance as well as unparalleled contributions and advancements to the genre. Members are selected by the Country Music Association or CMA and voted on by an anonymous panel of judges annually. If selected the artist will be given their award at an exclusive ceremony at the famous CMA theater. The first members to be inducted were Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, and Fred Rose who were awarded in 1961. Over half a century later several other iconic artists were given the honor including Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Charlie Daniels, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and so many other important artists.

The history of country music, as well as the lives of the genre’s best-known artists, can be celebrated and explored at the Country Music Hall of Fame and the perfect time to do this is when attending a Continuing Education Company CME conference in Nashville. The museum draws in guests from all around the world who can explore the numerous different exhibits showcasing the history of the genre from its origin to modern times. The state-of-the-art exhibits include collections of musical recordings, oral histories, photographs, archival footage, costumes, and instruments. Besides the impressive museum collection, there are other tours available for guests who want to take their experience one step further. While exploring the museum you may want to consider purchasing a ticket to watch a live performance at CMA Theater. There are numerous different performances available to watch ranging from live bands to educational shows. Another unique tour is the Hatch Experience. On this tour, you’ll get an exclusive look at a poster printing service that has been in operation for well over a century as well as the chance to print your very own poster. If you’re more interested in the history of music or just have a fascination with recording and production then make sure you book the Studio B Experience Tour. Here you will get the chance to explore the oldest surviving recording studio in Nashville where legends such as Elvis and Dolly Parton recorded some of their hit songs. If you decide to attend a medical conference in Music City don’t miss your chance to explore the history that gave this city its unique reputation.

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