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Explore the Strange in St. Augustine

Many people who visit St. Augustine come for the quiet beaches, the stunningly beautiful architecture, and the welcoming community, however, the city has also gained the rightful reputation for the interesting curiosities you can visit during your stay.

One of the most popular and interactive attractions is the Old Jail. The jail first began operation in 1891 and saw widespread use until 1951 when it was officially closed down. The building was designed as a fortress to blend in with older buildings around the site and to house some of the most dangerous criminals in the country, many of them on death row.

Old Jail

The prison housed both men and women, bootleggers, pirates, gangsters, murders, and thieves. Today, the prison can be toured by day or night and is led by tour guides dressed in the historical dress from the height of the prison’s notoriety. While on the tour you can learn about the lives and the stories of both the prisoners, sheriffs, and wardens who called the fortress home during its sixty years of operation.

After visiting the Old Jail you may want to make your way over to the Medieval Torture Museum if you’re brave enough. The museum was the first of its kind ever made in the United States and features historically accurate reconstructions of some of the worst inventions ever devised by the human imagination. These devices were used for both interrogation and capital punishment from a variety of different eras including the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution. If you can stomach it you can weave your way through 4000 square feet and more than one hundred exhibits of some the cruelest punishments ever devised.

Medieval Torture Museum

If the Medieval Torture Museum is a little out of your comfort zone or you’re still in the mood to explore more the strange side of St. Augustine than you should make your way over to Potter’s Wax Museum. First Started by George L Potter in the 1940s, this museum was dedicated to creating photorealistic sculptures of numerous different historical figures, celebrities, and popular fictional characters some of which are made with actual human hair. As you make your way through the museum you can explore the rich history of both St. Augustine and the United States and maybe get your picture taken with your favorite celebrity or at least an uncanny sculpture of them. So whether you have a taste for the morbid or just want to visit a memorable museum, St. Augustine has plenty of unique places to visit.

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