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Explore the Wild Mangrove Forests of Rookery Bay

For much of the history of Southern Florida, the mighty mangrove tree was seen as an annoying pest that only got in the way between people and scenic ocean views.

After numerous years of research and ecological damage, the mangrove’s reputation began to turn around when it was discovered just how truly valuable these humble trees are. Although these trees grow all over tropical and subtropical environments worldwide one of the best places to view them is in Southern Florida where you’ll get plenty of chances to see them and all of the exotic wildlife that calls these trees home if you decide to take a trip to Florida for a CME conference that they hold in the Naples area.

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees are instantly recognizable for their long roots that stretch down from their skinny trunks and bushels of vibrant green leaves emerging from their lanky bodies. If you’re ever confused simply look to the ocean as the mangrove is the only tree and one of the only terrestrial plants that are able to survive off of saltwater instead of fresh.

They can do this through their root system that acts as a kind of sieve for the water and any remaining salt is processed through their exuberant green leaves. It’s incredibly rare to ever find a mangrove tree growing on its own like say an oak or maple tree. Instead, these trees pack tightly together tangling their roots together and stretching into coastal forests that go on for miles.

This packing strategy slows the tides allowing sediment to collect under the tree roots and giving the trees more nutrients. These dense forests also serve to protect both the environment and people. Because mangrove trees live on the coast they act as a kind of buffer that can lessen the impact of coastal storms and prevent erosion of the mainland. The trees also serve as an integral part of the ecosystem.

The roots provide nurseries for numerous different species of fish both great and small, while the trunks provide nesting grounds for almost every species of coastal bird. These forests also are tied to the preservation of Florida’s most iconic animals, the sea turtle and the manatee. Both of these animals rely on the mangrove tree to survive and their destruction means the further endangerment of these two amazing animals.

Rookery Bay National Preserve

Although you can certainly find mangrove forests all across Southern Florida today perhaps the best place to view them and explore the amazing ecology of the area is at Rookery Bay National Preserve. The reserve is home to 110,000 acres of pristine and undisturbed mangrove forests, the last remaining forest of its kind in the state.

The park is dedicated to preserving the forest and educating the public about the importance of the forests and the wildlife that live inside them. One of the best ways to see these amazing ecosystems is with a guided tour. Whether you want to kick back on a large boat or take a more hands-on approach in a kayak your expert guide will tell you all you could ever want to possibly know about these unique ecosystems. Along the way, you’ll get plenty of chances to spot wildlife and take plenty of photos of memories that will last you a lifetime.

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