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Follow the Road to Heavenly Hana, Maui

The Road to Hana Maui is a highway cascading around the gorgeous shoreline of Maui. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Maui and located between Kahului and Kaupo. The Road to Hana Maui isn’t just an ordinary drive on a Sunday afternoon.

It is 52 miles of fun and adventure, but don’t be deceived by the road’s beauty or short length. Many first-timers do make that mistake when preparing to embark on the infamous path.

The Road to Hana

Highway 360 or better known as The Road to Hana is the heart of Maui. It is not just a road you can use a map for direction on. No way! A map is one of many resources needed to enjoy the journey successfully. This road has so much to offer and it is highly recommended to research the road before setting off on your journey. You can find CDs and great videos that will help give the visuals needed to navigate your trip. As beautiful as it is, the Road to Hana can be challenging.

Nicknamed “divorced highway”, the road is jam-packed with visitors and local traffic traveling through 617 hairpin curves, one lane bridges and incredibly windy blind spots at top speeds of 25 mph. The Road to Hana Maui is definitely a challenge to conquer and the price you pay to explore its greatest beauty. Make sure you pack some snacks along and be patient during your voyage.

The Road to Hana Maui is a historical landmark filled with legendary native stories. The road tells the tales that shaped the island and its remembrance of historic battles fought to secure its way of life and culture. The monumental experience will enlighten on how you view the rest of your vacation in Maui and other islands.

Unique Hidden Treasures

If this is your first time visiting the Road to Hana, it is recommended that you take a tour to enjoy the full benefits of the highway. Hana is full of unique hidden treasures throughout the road. For example, the rainforest Flora & Fauna is one of the richest rainforests amongst all the Hawaiian islands. The Jungle is full of rare flowers and trees with bark full of different colors. It really is a magical sight to see. The tours know all the best waterfalls, beaches, trails, pictures, etc.

Tours like Valley Isle Excursions will mix a great combination of historical landmarks like Keanae Peninsula and exciting must-sees like Hamoa Beach listed #4 in the USA. They will also make sure you stop to enjoy local favorites at the various stands available throughout the road. Not only will you experience the mystical nature of the island but the island Local venues are a delight and treat themselves.

The road to Hana is also accessible by flight tours. It is also an amazing way to view the road and enjoy a different perspective of its beauty. The birds-eye view is breathtaking.

The Road to Hana Maui is a must visit when in Maui.

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