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Head to Nashville and Hit the Dance Floor

The city of Nashville is legendary for Music Row, a long stretch of bars and restaurants which echo with the sound of live music from numerous different local bands. Some of the largest in the area have multiple floors with a band playing on every level. Many visitors and locals go just to have a nice drink and listen to the music but dancing is openly encouraged at almost all of the venues. Just like nearly all other forms of music, country music has its own set of dances associated with the genre. While many locals and country super fans know all the steps to their favorite songs, a visitor wandering into one of these amazing places for the first time may be lost in the tangle of footwork.

Luckily, for the numerous visitors to the city each year there are plenty of professional dance studios and coaches available to teach all the steps to some of the most popular songs and techniques. Besides being able to hit the dance floors at the biggest venues in the area with confidence, if you choose to book one of these amazing lessons you’ll be able to use your skills again and again later on. Another great aspect of learning to dance is the boost in confidence you’ll get from learning a new skill and it’s a nice way to bond with your partner or spouse.

If you’re unsure of where to even start with country-style dancing consider booking a line dancing lesson. These easy-to-follow dance moves are practiced in large groups of people and you’ll see it over and over again if you choose to spend a night out on the strip. One of the best places to learn to line dance is at Turn Their Heads Nashville. With over thirty years of professional dancing experience as a coach, Rick is happy to teach dancers of all levels the basic steps of some of the most popular moves. During these slow easy to follow lessons, you’ll find your rhythm and gradually work up to keeping pace with the music. Another great place to learn line dancing is with Kyle Erickson at Urban Cowboy Entertainment. You’ll learn the steps of the three different line dances in a professional dance studio. Each technique has been selected to be used again and again and can be interchanged with a variety of different songs.

Another popular style of country dancing is known as two step. If you’d like to learn this unique style one of the best places to go is Coach Tessa on Broadway Street. No experience is required and skills are slowly built up over the course of the lesson. You’ll begin by learning the basic footwork, finding the rhythm, and keeping your balance in time with the music. After the preliminary foundation has been laid you’ll move on to adding flares such as spins, glides, and dips. Once you’ve learned the basic steps and built up a little confidence you’ll happily glide across the dance floor to many popular songs. If you choose to book this amazing lesson you’ll leave with a recording of your performance as a nice keepsake.

If you’re looking for a special way to bond with your partner or spouse consider booking a lesson to learn Nashville Swing. Also provided by Turn Their Heads Nashville these amazing lessons are great to learn if you’re looking to learn a style that is a little more intimate. No experience is required to learn the basic steps of these popular dance moves. Although it is popular for couples to learn together, no partner is necessary to learn these steps. A coach will happily walk you through each step and once you’ve mastered the basic techniques you’ll be sure to wow your friends back home.

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