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Meet the Amazing Animals at the Nashville Zoo

There’s more to explore than just music in Nashville and the city’s zoo offers plenty of amazing creatures to meet and adventures that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you decide to visit Nashville’s highest-rated attraction you’ll come face to face with three hundred and fifty unique species of animals from all over the world and from every animal classification. With fun rides to enjoy like the Soaring Eagle Zipline towering at over a hundred feet tall and a fully restored historical home to explore on the grounds of the Nashville Zoo, there’s plenty of fun to be had by the whole family if you decide to join us on our next Continuing Education Company live CME conference in Nashville this year.

The biggest draw of any zoo is the unique and charming animals that are featured in the collection. No two zoos are alike in their range of animals and the Nashville zoo features many fan favorites like giraffes and rhinos but also contains many rarer species you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. If you like amphibians there are certainly plenty of frogs to spot in the exhibits such as the brightly colored collection of poison dart frogs and keep an eye out for the fully aquatic axolotl salamander. If you’re interested in something a little more scaly there are plenty of reptiles to keep an eye out for including giant tortoises and the exceptionally long anaconda snake. The zoo also boasts a wide array of fish and birds in its aquarium and aviary sections respectfully. See the beautiful range of color on the scales of numerous species of fresh and saltwater fish or in the plumage of tropical birds like parrots and flamingos. What zoo would be complete without everyone’s furry mammal friends? There are plenty of these fabulous creatures to see such as bears, rhinos, and giraffes. What makes this zoo particularly special is they care for many rarer species like the red panda or the notoriously shy and highly endangered clouded leopard. If you’re feeling extremely brave or curious the zoo also features a collection of insects and arachnids including the largest spider by mass the Goliath bird-eating tarantula! Bringing your family here would give everyone the perfect chance to meet their favorite animal up close or even get a picture with a new favorite.

If you’re looking to make that extra special vacation memory consider booking a backstage pass tour. These tours will take guests in areas normally restricted to the public where you’ll get a hands-on adventure into everything that goes into the daily operations of a zoo and the work of a zookeeper. Your expert guide will answer any specific questions you may have about their work or into the lives and care for the animals you’ll see along the way. This tour also allows guests to get up close to some of the beautiful creatures who call the zoo home. Perhaps the best part of the tour is the rise and shine with rhinos. Here you’ll enter the rhino enclosure with your guide and meet the herd as they are just starting to wake up. You’ll get to learn all about these amazing gentle giants and the cute babies the mothers guard with their impressive frames. This special tour would be perfect for any older child or teenager who has a special interest in animals. Be sure to bring along your camera as you’ll get plenty of unobstructed shots of the wildlife free from the glare of the exhibit’s glass and other barricades.

There’s more to explore than just the animals at the Nashville Zoo. If you’re looking for thrills there are plenty of fun rides to enjoy here as well. The most popular and by far the most thrilling is the recently renovated Soaring Eagle Zipline. If you’re brave enough to take a ride on this beast you’ll ascend over a hundred feet in the air before plunging safely back downwards. As you screech over the grounds you’ll get panoramic views of some of the zoo’s most famous residents including the rhinos and the giraffes. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing consider taking a ride on the wild animal carousel or riding the adventure express train. Another unique area to explore is the Grassmere Historic Home. Originally built in 1810 in the Federalist style by Colonel Michael C Dunn the home and property was later sold to his son-in-law Lee Schute in 1848. The home and surrounding farm stayed in the family one way or another for the next century and made significant profits. By the 1960s family farms were not generating a significant return on investments and the Grassmere estate was no exception. Wanting to still keep their family home alive the four remaining descendants agreed to give the estate to the Nashville Children’s Museum in order to educate future generations. The museum later transferred ownership to the zoo where it remains in their care today. The home is a perfect detour from the rest of the zoo where visitors can learn all about farm life in the mid-nineteenth century and get close to many farm animals including chickens and cows. The ornate style of the home is sure to impress any fan of antique architecture or anyone who enjoys exploring this period of American history. With so much to see and explore, don’t miss your chance to explore one of Music City’s highest-rated attractions - the Nashville Zoo!

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