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Relax at Naples Best Beach

Florida is well known for its tourist friendly spirit with plenty of amenities for everyone to enjoy.

There’s certainly a thrill to exploring the state’s numerous theme parks, wonderful restaurants, historical points of interest, and gorgeous natural wonders. Perhaps the biggest draw for most of us though is simply relaxing on a stretch of beach and listening to the push and pull of the waves. With the exception of Hawaii, Florida is perhaps the state with the best beach reputation.

Clam Pass Park

If you decide to join us at one of our Primary Care CME Conferences held in Naples and are looking for a place to relax, consider stopping by Clam Pass Park. The luscious stretches of white sand look like they belong to a private resort but the area is completely open to the public. Clam Pass Park is one of the most popular beaches in the area and despite drawing in huge crowds the area never feels crowded or cramped. There’s plenty of space to spread out on the ground’s thirty-five acres.

Besides the pristine stretches of white sand to sink in and relax on, there’s plenty to explore and to do at this local park. The most obvious being to sunbathe or take a swim in the nearby ocean. Clam Pass Park is as well known for its beaches as it is for its calm waves. In fact the beach is shielded by several acres of mangrove forest which keeps the waters calm and clear. If you’re looking for more to do than just have a lazy day at the beach, the park offers other amenities and areas to explore as well. One of the most iconic features of the park is its three quarter mile long boardwalk. There’s nothing more romantic than walking along a boardwalk at sunset and its height and proximity to the beach offers stunning and panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness so be sure to bring along your camera or make sure your phone is charged.


If you’re feeling more adventurous feel free to rent a kayak from a local store and set out on an adventure around the area. The calm waters surrounding the park make it friendly even if you have never been in a kayak before. As you paddle out, you may even forget that you’re in the same park once you get away from the beach. In the surrounding area you’ll find huge stretches of mangrove forest full of local wildlife. Keep an eye out for numerous colorful birds as they hop from tree to tree or look below you in the crystal clear water for the silver backs of fish glistening in the summer sun.

Sometimes the best moments we have on our vacations are the simplest ones and there’s almost no better way to bring a family together, quite like a humble day spent at the beach. If you’re looking for a romantic place to take that special someone, there’s no greater joy than seeing a beautiful yellow Florida sunset from the vistage of a boardwalk on a clear summer’s day. Clam Pass Park also offers adventures for those looking to explore the unique natural history and wilderness the state has to offer without the congestion of larger, more iconic parks or simply as a nice place to relax on your well earned vacation.

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