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Relax on the Beautiful Beaches of Kiawah Island

One of the most unique ecological features of America’s East Coast are known as Barrier islands. How these islands are formed over time is complex and continues to be a popular topic of geological research. The most relatively accepted theory is that these islands form over the course of millennia from tidal forces. As waves batter the shorelines of continents they pull large amounts of sand and other sediments into the ocean. As the force of waves decreases, the sediment eventually comes to settle on the ocean floor and begins to stack forming a few chains of sandy islands. These islands allow for the formation of wetlands and marshes along coastlines and serve as important natural barriers for tropical storms and hurricanes. The barrier islands along America’s coasts are unique because they are believed to have formed from glaciers receding and melting during the last Ice Age and forming geologically beautiful island chains that remain some of America’s most popular vacation destinations. Among the most famous of America’s barrier islands are Atlantic City and Kiawah Island. Continuing Education Company hosts two weeks of primary care CME conferences at Kiawah and it is the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful island.

One of the biggest draws of the island is its unique beaches which are consistently rated as some of the best in all of the United States. Here you will not have to fight crowds along the ten-mile stretch of white sand which quite amazingly runs east to west while most beaches run north to south. This geographic distinction will allow you to take some amazing pictures of the sun as it rises or sets over the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The laid back atmosphere of Kiawah Island does not stop it from being a place of modern luxury and amenities. Beaches here have modern changing areas, restrooms, snack bars, and lifeguards on duty to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’re looking to take your beach relaxation to the next level you can rent umbrellas, beach chairs, and even surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes if you want to take your fun into the water. If you’re looking for that special relaxing beach vacation combined with CME,then look no further than booking your next vacation to Kiawah Island.

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