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Ride, Hike, or Paddle around Beautiful Daytona

Two of Daytona’s biggest draws are its unique automotive history and the beautiful wilderness that surrounds the city.

You can combine both of these unique experiences by taking a ride through The Loop, a beautiful network of roadways that take you straight into the heart of Daytona’s pristine wilderness. The Loop is a 33.98 mile long scenic route with no stoplights, stop signs, or shopping centers and is a bucket list item for any cyclist.

The Loop

Whether you’re pedaling along or riding rolling steel you’ll see plenty of glistening waterways, go over high bridges, and soar under canopied forests. The Loop has numerous different routes available to choose from and numerous different side streets to explore. You’ll almost certainly pass by Tomoka State Park on your journey and encounter plenty of other outdoor enthusiasts on your adventure.

Tomoka State Park

As long as you’re in the area or just want to explore the wilderness hiking or boating you’ll have to plan a trip to Tomoka State Park. You’ll know you’re at the right place if you see the large carved statue of a Native American at the entrance. The park was once the settlement of Timucan Indians who fished in the numerous different waterways. The site today still remains a popular place to fish and the beautiful wilderness is enjoyed by several tourists every year.

Tomoka State Park is home to 160 species of birds and numerous different endangered species including manatees. Two of the most popular activities in the park include renting a boat from the park store or taking a stroll through the hardwood forest trail. The hardwood forest trail was once the land of an 18th century British settler who grew indigo. Today numerous trees and animals have reclaimed the forgotten fields.

Exploring the water is one of the most popular attractions in the entire park. Renting a couple kayaks or a canoe and taking it along the Tomoka River or through the marshes is a fun adventure for the whole family. As you gently paddle along you may encounter shy alligators, gentle manatees, curious dolphins, and numerous different species of fish and birds.

If you enjoy leisurely cycle rides through the country, long walks through the forest, or paddling through pristine waterways the wilderness around Daytona has something for every outdoor enthusiast. A trip to a place as exciting as Daytona would not be complete without your own little getaway into the beautiful wilderness that surrounds it and attending a Continuing Education Company Medical Education conference in Palm Coast, FL gives you that perfect opportunity.

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