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Soar High Above San Diego at Torrey Pines

Are you looking for a high flying adventure or to take in some truly incredible views on your next vacation? Then you should look no further than taking a trip up to Torrey Pines Glider Port in San Diego. The area is known for its impeccable scenery including its picturesque cliffsides, sandy beaches, and bluffs with uninterrupted views of the mighty Pacific Ocean. In operation for over a century, Torrey Pines has been an aviation hotspot since the dawn of flight and numerous pilots have set records there. The grounds have played such an important role in the history of aviation that its been awarded as a historical site of California. The current owners still keep that original spirit alive today and inspire the dream of flight for people of all ages.

If you’re the type of person that is looking for that unique vacation memory to bring back with you if you decide to attend the CEC’s CME conference in San Diego than look no further than taking a day trip here, Torrey Pines is open every day. What makes traveling here so amazing is just how easy it is to have fun. One of the most popular activities is to go on a tandem ride in either a hang or paraglider. An expert pilot will make sure you’re securely fashioned and take you on a journey like you’ve never been on before. Sail high above the cliffsides, beaches, and the seemingly endless stretch of the beautiful blue Pacific. Flights are open to people of all ages with no flying experience necessary and the company puts the safety of guests before anything else remaining accident-free for over twenty years. Flights are reserved on a first come first serve basis so be sure to call in ahead to reserve a time. If you’re nervous about taking the plunge, just relax you’re in incredibly safe hands. On top of being a tourist hotspot, Torrey Pines doubles as a leading school for training gliding pilots who you may just spot soaring high into the clouds as you take your own gliding journey. If you’re still on the fence about giving this a try gliding is considered the least expensive and one of the safest forms of aviation.

If flying isn’t really your style or you’re just in the mood to hike or take photographs then Torrey Pines is still worth the drive to get to. Parking is free so simply pull up into an empty spot and feel free to explore. The site is well known for its beautiful cliffs with their most impressive bluff reaching over three hundred and fifty feet high with an impeccable view of the ocean. Take a jaunt down to Blacks Beach just a short jaunt away and breathe in the gentle ocean air you might just see surfers combing over the white waves or gliders sailing high above you. If you’re hungry you can stop by the local restaurant and breathe in the astounding scenery. Whether you’re looking for high adventure or a laidback place to kick back and enjoy nature then look no further than taking a trip to Torrey Pines, you’re sure to bring back memories that will last you a lifetime.

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