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See Charleston By Horse and Carriage

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering around the historic district of Charleston, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the distinct sound of hooves echoing on the old city streets and seen beautiful muscular horses valiantly pulling a carriage full of smiling tourists in their wake.

For a moment it may feel as though you’ve been transported back in time to a city that was lit by gas lights and old sailing ships slowly slid their way into Charleston harbor full of treasures from far away lands. Although the Holy City no longer relies on merchant ships for its main source of income, the historical roots of one of America’s first cities has been carefully preserved. The antique look of Charleston is one of the biggest draws for visitors today who wish to see the old brick and cobble streets and take a picture beside the numerous Federalist style buildings.

For a first time visitor to the city it can be hard to decide just where exactly to start exploring. Luckily there are plenty of tours available each offering a unique glimpse into the city’s past, present, and future. One of the most unique and perhaps the most popular tours available is to take a horse and carriage tour of the city. What makes these tours so special isn’t just the old fashioned and romantic way of seeing the city but also because the city of Charleston itself regulates these tours and their guides are some of the most knowledgeable in the city. Even though at first, it may seem that tours so heavily regulated by the city would dampen the experience, in fact this regulation makes these tours ideal for first time guests and exciting to long time visitors of the city because each tour is unique.

Horse and carriage tour 

Each horse and carriage tour takes guests through the historical district of the city. The city of Charleston divides this district into four sections and different tours are assigned specific routes depending on the day and time. This minimizes traffic congestion and ensures a cohesive touring experience for all guests. Although you may not get to see the exact part of the city that you wanted, each of these four tours offers a beautiful glimpse into different parts of the city. If you’ve taken a horse and carriage tour through Charleston before it’s worth booking again because you’re more than likely to see a completely new part of the city that you’ve never seen before. Each guide brings with them a unique set of stories about all the locations you’ll get to see along the way. Listen to the sound of the horse’s hooves tapping on the old city streets and hear stories about the city’s past and see landmarks great and small. If you’re lucky your tour may actually be pulled by a team of mules instead of horses. Although this may seem a bit odd at first, it’s actually a little more historically accurate as mules served as the city’s main working animal during its pre industrial past.

All horse and carriage tours are held in open air carriages. This allows for panoramic views of the city and a steady flow of air. Take advantage of the open space for wonderful photo opportunities you wouldn’t be able to get at ground level. During the summer months the temperature in the city reaches an average of 95 degrees with heat indexes usually above 100 degrees. Consider booking a tour earlier in the day to avoid these high temperatures if it gets too hot, tours will not run later in the day for the safety of both guests and animals. If you miss a tour because you were in the city during a hot afternoon, don’t worry tours run all week long and with so many available you don’t have to worry about booking early or missing your chance. With all the historical elegance and opulence of Charleston available for guests to enjoy, why not book a tour that matches its unique beauty, and make memories that will stay with you long after you leave.

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