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See the Majestic Olivine Pools of Maui

Maui is certainly known for its incredible naturalistic beauty which you can explore as you drive down any of the island’s long winding roads or take a hike along any of the many trails available.

Besides the usual volcanos and white sandy beaches, Hawaii is famous for what makes Maui stand out from the crowd are its numerous Olivine Pools and you can visit them while attending a Continuing Education Company Primary Care CME meeting in Maui.

Olivine Pools

As the name would suggest Olivine Pools are composed primarily of the mineral Olivine. This mineral is a common basis in the formation of many rocks but is usually found in areas with a lot of volcanic activity like Hawaii. The mineral is easily identifiable for its distinct green color which is often collaged beside the stark color of lava rock. Besides its naturalistic beauty, the mineral is also prized as a gemstone. Olivine crystalizes at incredibly high temperatures only achievable in magma chambers. As the mineral crystallizes it hardens and sinks to the bottom of the magma pool where it can later be collected and polished into radiantly beautiful gemstones.

If temperatures do not reach a high enough point for the mineral to crystallize then it will be mixed within a rock’s composition. The beauty of this mineral can be seen all over Hawaii but one of the best places to see them is within the surreal beauty of an Olivine Pool. These natural tide pools form as lava descends from a volcano to the ocean. As the tides come in and out and waves crash the stark change in temperature quickly begins to cool the lava and hardens it into rock. All along the coast of Maui lava flows were cooled into natural walls that are just tall enough to collect water into surrealistically beautiful tide pools.

Secret destination

The Olivine Pools is not an official destination you can find on a map or put into a GPS. Rather the pools are a part of Maui’s unique naturalistic scenery like a chain of mountains. The island’s largest and most impressive congregation of them is found on the northwest coast and is easily accessible by car. The pools were once largely ignored but recent publication has seen more adventurous tourists flock to these beautiful pools. You know you’ve found a particularly good pool to explore if you see a small number of cars parked off to the side of the highway. If you decide to seek out one of these pools to explore for yourself, be wary as the Siren song of their beauty has made many tourists inept to the very real dangers these majestic pools can pose.

Olivine Pools are perfectly safe places to visit and explore if you take the right precautions and carry with you the right amount of common sense. Because they are not an official tourist destination but rather a natural characteristic of the scenery, many of the most majestic looking pools are only found in quiet out of the way places. The silence can bring someone looking for an out-of-the-way place a lot of serenity and peace but should something go wrong help cannot always reach a person in trouble in time. If you decide to make the trek out to one of these pools always check the local weather report and tidal information. These pools have been known to change from a quirky place to swim to a deathtrap during a storm or high tide as heavy waves will pull anything within the walls out to sea.

Best moments to visit

It is advised that you visit these pools either early in the morning or late in the day when the tide is low and the weather is calm. Swimming in these pools can be a very rewarding and peaceful experience but you do so at your own risk. Make sure you wear closed-toed shoes as the hike from the main road to the pool crosses jagged lava rock or slippery slopes made smooth by the waves. Know your own limitations and never go beyond your limits. If you don’t want to risk swimming in these beautiful pools they are still worth a visit. The pools are perfectly safe to view from a distance and provide a wonderfully unique subject to photograph especially during sunset when the sun is swallowed by the ocean and the last rays reflect on these still blue pools.

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