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See the Oldest Wooden School in America

One of the biggest draws of St. Augustine are the layers of rich history for guests to explore as soon as they pass through the old city gates.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a building that has seen more American history than the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse. While easy to miss due to its modest appearance, upon closer inspection, you can admire the rustic Bald Cyprus and Red Cedar planks that have aged beautifully under the heat of a couple of centuries of Florida sunlight.

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse

The exact date of the schoolhouse’s construction is unknown but it dates back to at least 1716 with its inclusion on tax records. The schoolhouse was originally only one story and built entirely by hand. The first owner and schoolmaster, Juan Genoply soon expanded the building and built a second story to house his family and the families of future schoolmasters. One of the most unique aspects of the school was that it was one of the first schools in the United States to be coeducational and began teaching girls alongside boys in 1788. The school stayed in operation for well over a century after its first construction and the last class graduated in 1864.

St. Augustine

Visiting St. Augustine during the Continuing Education Company CME conferences is so easy and part of exploring should include taking a tour of the schoolhouse.  It is like stepping back in time. The self-guided experience allows you to see everything at your own time and pace. Within the old schoolhouse, you’ll be able to see an authentic 19th-century schoolroom complete with textbooks and school supplies as well as an animatronic schoolmaster and student.

Besides the schoolhouse itself, there is plenty more to see one the grounds including an old well, kitchen, outhouse, 250-year-old pecan tree, and statuary. The kitchen is a must-see along with the house and is one of the best examples of an exterior colonial kitchen. These kitchens were commonly built apart from houses in Florida at the time not only to prevent fires but to keep the houses cool during the blistering hot summer months.

If you’re interested in seeing other historically important St. Augustine landmarks or just want a convenient and easy way to get there the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse is one of the first stops on the St. Augustine Trolly Tour. The trolley is a perfect way to explore St. Augustine.

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