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See Two Cities on One Vacation

San Diego is one of the most popular cities to visit in all of California. Unlike the sloping hills of San Francisco and the massive sprawl of Los Angeles, this city has a quaint atmosphere kept alive by the numerous old Spanish buildings that can still be found there. While there are certainly plenty of amazing places to explore in the city, another huge draw to the area is its close proximity to Mexico. In fact, Tijuana is only twenty miles south of the city and has a unique charm to it that’s well worth the visit if you’ve never been there.

If you decide to join us at a CEC Continuing Education Conference conference in San Diego, the short drive to this amazing city would be a perfect day trip. Tijuana offers its own set of amazing streets to explore and a vibrant nightlife that can’t be found anywhere else. The city is well known for its blend of cultures and creativity. This mixture as well as its close proximity to the border make it one of the most visited cities in all of Latin America. Whether you want to spend the day exploring the colorful streets, unique shops, or simply lounge on the beach there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

As you venture into the city consider making your first stop at the Cecut or Tijuana cultural center. You can’t miss the stunningly modern stone building found in the Rio Zone. What makes visiting this place so exciting is that it is always changing, bringing in new exhibits for the numerous tourists who visit each day. Besides the constant rotation of new interests to explore, the center is also home to a massive IMAX theater and an aquarium full of colorful fish. If you’re looking for some of the best places to dine or a unique place to visit off the beaten path consider talking to one of the staff members who are more than happy to tell you more about their exciting city.

Perhaps the biggest tourist destination in the entire city is Avenida Revolucion or Revolution Avenue. Located in the heart of the old city center this street is always bustling with the foot traffic of numerous visitors. The street first gained its exciting reputation about a century ago during the prohibition period. Numerous Americans living near the border flocked to this street for a place to enjoy a beer or cocktail and stayed for the vibrant nightlife. Now after all these years the culture is kept alive by the numerous restaurants, canteens, and nightclubs that can be found here. San Diego is legendary for its delicious Mexican cuisine but for something truly authentic you can’t go wrong by patronizing one of these amazing places for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Besides its vibrant nightlife and reputation for being a great place to party, Tijuana is home to two of the most unique museums in Mexico. The Wrestling Museum is home to an amazing collection detailing the history of Lucho Libre. You’ll have a great time getting lost in a sea of colorful costumes and masks. Along the way, you’ll learn all about the history of the sport and the numerous wrestlers who became legends along the way. Another great place to visit is the Collector’s Museum. This amazing series of exhibits is home to anything and everything from soda containers, coins, toys, and nearly anything people enjoy collecting. Through its numerous halls of carefully curated collectibles, you’re sure to spot something that captures your interest or an object that brings back a precious memory that you’d thought you had forgotten.

Another huge draw to the city is just how much fun it is to explore another country. This charming city delights the millions of visitors who come here every year. The wonderful charm of northern Mexico can be found all along the streets of Tijuana and it continues to grow every year. Whether you enjoy a fun-filled night of adventure or a relaxing day spent at the beach there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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