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See Wildlife and Support a Good Cause at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has educated the public about the importance of wildlife conservation and taking action in a unique and insightful way for almost sixty years.

Although the center has taken a lot of important actions on a community level to protect a lot of the state’s local waterways from pollution, deforestation, and other threats to wildlife. The conservancy has won numerous awards for its efforts and its diligent recording of local waterways has proven to be a vital resource for understanding the state’s past, current, and future environmental conditions. Besides their important work protecting local ecosystems the center treats over three thousand animals and is able to release many of them back into the wild once they’ve been helped and properly rehabilitated.

Besides their important work in the local community, one of the center’s main goals is to educate the children of today in the hopes that they will be able to help preserve the environment of the future. Their hands-on approach to science and learning helps over fifty thousand children a year learn all about the importance of conservation. It is the perfect place to visit when attending the Continuing Education Company CME conference in Naples, Florida.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

You don’t have to be passionate about environmentalism to have a blast at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Their nature center and tours are sure to keep everyone in your family excited about learning and anticipating over whatever charismatic creature you’re sure to meet around the next corner. The center’s numerous conservation efforts have given them access to wildlife from all over Florida’s watery ecosystems and their permanent collection of animal friends include both common and endangered animals. The nature center will show you numerous exciting exhibits of ecosystems ranging from the open ocean to tangled roots of mangrove swamps deep within the everglades. Here you’ll meet many of the center’s scaly friends including fish, turtles, tortoises, long slithering snakes, and even mighty alligators! If you prefer feathers and fur over scales there are plenty of other amazing animals you’ll meet along the way.

Besides all of the exciting exhibits to explore in the nature center the Conservancy offers special exhibitions all day ranging from the day-to-day life of a biologist to more in-depth exploration of marine life. If you’d like to get an even bigger look behind the curtain feel free to stop by the laboratories where scientists run numerous experiments and conduct their important research or make a stop by the wildlife hospital exhibits. Here you’ll be able to see animals in the process of recovery and rehabilitation before their eventual release back into the wild.

Rent a Kayak

Whether you have an interest in exploring one or more of Florida’s numerous state or national parks or you’re just looking for an exciting place to take your kids for the day the Conservancy has got you covered. If the center has inspired you to go out and explore the local wildlife scene yourself feel free to rent a kayak and explore the nearby waterways yourself. If you’re not feeling that ambitious or have small children in your care then you may want to consider booking a tour on an electric boat. A wildlife expert from the center will take your group deep into the local bush where you’ll get the chance to see and explore animal life in their natural habitat.

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