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The Pacific Northwest of North America is world-renowned for its pristine wildlife. One of the biggest draws to these waters is the unique chance to whale watch a popular activity for both locals and tourists. One of the most sought after creatures in these expeditions if the orca also known as the killer whale. Despite its name, the orca is not actually a whale but the largest of all dolphin species with a full-grown male measuring almost the size of a school bus and weighing nearly six tons. These amazing creatures are apex predators meaning they are on the top of the food chain and feed on fish, squid, and smaller marine mammals but they are harmless to humans as there have been no recorded orca attacks on humans in the wild. The creatures are iconic because of their easily recognized black and white patterns and are sought after for their remarkable intelligence and playful demeanor. Orcas live in matriarchal pods and communicate with one another through unique calls which vary widely between pods much like languages differ widely between people. This helps groups distinguish their own members from outsiders as well as help lost orcas return to their pod if they become separated.

Seeing one of these remarkable creatures is very rare whether you are going for a cruise of just exploring a coastal city day by day. Luckily if you’ve always wanted to see one of these amazing creatures up close or you are just looking for something special to do in Victoria there are numerous different options available for whale watching. One of the most highly rated companies if Whale Watching Victoria. What separates them from the others is their state of the art fleet of vessels. These ships are nearly twice as fast as any of the others and can cover over twice the area of any of their competitors. This not only maximizes your chances of seeing orcas but other rare marine wildlife as well including humpback whales. All their tours are guided by local wildlife experts who offer fun and exciting information about the area and local animals as you cruise through the gentle waters around Canada’s coast. Another one of the most highly rated companies is Orca Spirit. These tours are also led by local wildlife experts and will cruise you through the nearby Juan de Fuca and Haro Straights. The reason these two locations are chosen is that they are home to Victoria’s local orca pods and during the peak season when many cruise ships pass through you are almost guaranteed to see one of these amazing creatures. So whether you have always dreamed of seeing an orca or a whale up close or you just want an exciting tour to take be sure to book your whale watching adventure now.

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