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Stumble Upon a Secret Tropical Paradise

One of the best parts of visiting Maui is the chance to wander through all the beautiful scenery. As you drift further from the cities and into the hinterlands the island opens up like a blooming flower to reveal all kinds of secret beauty.

Whether you’re experiencing the remarkable scenery from behind the steering wheel of a rental car, through the window of a bus or taxi, or simply taking it all in on a gentle hike there’s plenty of amazing places that can be explored on this beautiful island. While most people visit Hawaii for the outstanding views of the ocean as the waves slowly batter against the mighty lava rock, the island of Maui has a reputation for having unparalleled country scenery. If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking long drives in the countryside or you’re looking for a place to clear your head there are plenty of amazing winding roads to explore here. Since Continuing Education Company’s CME conferences are only held in the mornings, it leaves plenty of time for exploring.

Maui, Hawaii

Our primary care CME conference in Maui is one of our most special and unique destinations and if you decide to join us,don’t miss your chance to explore all the amazing scenery. Wandering through the island’s upcountry you’ll pass by numerous beautiful mountain passes, have unobstructed views of the ocean, and get glimpses of numerous stretches of tropical farmland. A perfect place to stop in your wanderings would be the Kula Botanical Gardens. Coming to this remarkable place feels as though you’ve stumbled upon a paradise within a paradise.

Kula Botanical Gardens

Although the site brings in numerous tourists every year the grounds didn’t originally set out to be a local hotspot. Started in 1968 by landscape architects Warren and Helen McCord to display their talents for would-be clients, the carefully curated and beautiful displays soon began to draw in crowds who came simply to enjoy the garden itself. The modest collection of flowers and other plants has since evolved into a kind of Shangri-La. All 8 acres of the grounds are crammed full of remarkable displays including hundreds of varieties of local flowers and plant life as well as species from all over the world. Tropical plants thrive in the rich soil on the slopes of the mighty mount Haleakala and the nurturing ecosystem invites differently colored flowers to bloom all year round.

Besides its stunning collection of remarkable plants, the Kula Botanical Gardens is also home to numerous other types of displays. As you walk through the grounds you’ll encounter numerous different rock formations, waterfalls, a covered bridge, and even a koi pond. Surrounding each of these stunning features are towers of blooming plant life striking up towards the sky. As you take your picture beside a waterfall or sit and relax next to the gentle burble of the koi pond you’ll watch as your stress melts away just as the mist rises from the falls or the colorful tale of a fish slips away into the murky depths below. Other unique places to visit on the grounds include an aviary and chameleon display. The plumage and exotic colors of the numerous tropical birds perfectly reflect the surrounding beauty of the landscape and children will marvel at the whimsical architecture of the numerous tiny chameleons. The newest edition to the grounds is a collection of hand-carved tiki figurines. It’s hard not to get lost in the swirling designs as your eyes wander across these intricately crafted sculptures. If you’re feeling tired at the end of your hiking or just looking for a place to relax, the grounds feature an observation deck with plenty of places to sit and panoramic views of the surrounding jaw-dropping scenery.

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