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Take a Musical Tour of Nashville

Tennessee is certainly famous for its beautiful rugged scenery and amazing food but its place in the world of music is legendary. Many hopeful artists have come to the state hoping to make it big, packed with nothing other than their instrument and a dream. Part of the thrill of traveling to this unique state is seeing the amazing musical culture for yourself. Perhaps there is no better place to experience it than in Nashville. Nearly every famous country music star has entered one of the many studios on Music Row and recorded an album in some of the best production facilities in the business. A trip to Nashville wouldn’t be complete without getting to experience at least part of the music that made this city so incredibly famous.

The biggest draw for many visitors and locals alike is to venture to Music Row for a night of dancing, drinking, and eating great food in one of the many different bars. Each restaurant is known for nonstop live music from popular local bands that sometimes play all night if the crowd is enjoying it. Besides the thrill of live music, the area is also home to numerous recording studios that produce music for artists ranging from local talent to celebrities. A glimpse behind the scenes into everything that goes into producing an album is a rare and special opportunity. Omnisound Studios is the oldest still operating recording studio in the city that is open to the public. If you take a tour you’ll get to step behind the studio glass and watch an album be recorded, mixed, and produced from start to finish. After the tour, you’ll even get the chance to mix pre-recorded tracks on actual studio equipment just like a pro.

If you want to feel like you’ve stepped back, consider booking a tour at vinyl manufacturer Welcome to 1979. Owners, Chris and Yoni, specialize in old-school recording techniques and keep the antique way of creating music alive for future generations to enjoy. On this amazing tour, you’ll get one of the only glimpses available to the public on the intricate process of creating vinyl records from start to finish. You’ll see the entire production facility in action and even get to examine grooves underneath a microscope. Besides being able to see new records be created this facility also specializes in restoration. At the end of the tour, you’ll get to see their analog tape machine restoration room. Watch as professionals work tirelessly to restore antique equipment in various states of repair.

If you enjoy creating music as a hobby there are numerous specialized tours available in the city just for musicians. A popular activity for many country music fans is to visit NashVox. Hosted by sound engineer Terresa, you’ll be able to record a song or cover of your very own using professional recording equipment. As your song is being mixed by a professional sound engineer you’ll get the chance to take pictures on a red carpet and leave with a high-quality recording of your very own. If you’re struggling with the creation process of making your music one of the best local guides in the city, Brett offers specialized workshops for musicians. With over thirteen years of professional songwriting experience, your host will help you work through any problems or even help you generate a brand-new composition. Near the end of your stay, you’ll even get the chance to record your song using professional industry equipment. Another great workshop in the area is hosted by songwriter Lee who has over thirty years of professional songwriting experience. What makes this tour so special is that the host is willing to work with artists of all levels. No musical experience is required as you go through the steps of creating a song of your very own.

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