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The Sea Turtles of St. Augustine

One of the most iconic and marvelous creatures in all of Florida is the majestic sea turtle but due to their shy nature and habitat, it can be rare to spot one of these creatures in the wild on your vacation.

If you’re interested in seeing these wonderful creatures and supporting a good cause then you should consider booking a tour at the Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory.

Whitney Laboratory 

Established in 1974, Whitney Laboratory partnered with the Univerity of Florida in order to study marine animals in greater depth. By studying marine animals in greater depth, scientists are able to discover new information not just about ecology but about ourselves and other animals through comparative biology. In recent years the laboratory has been focusing on studying the effects of pollution and changing oceanic temperatures and chemistry has had on local marine life. One of the most affected creatures was the local sea turtle population who would often wash ashore with numerous different ailments. Thus, the Sea Turtle Hospital was created to treat this problem directly and is the only hospital in Northeast Florida that can care for sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Hospital

The Sea Turtle Hospital has three goals- rehabilitate, research, and education. The hospital takes in sick or injured turtles from the wild and provides the necessary medical care and rehab and once cleared by the veterinary team they are released back into their habitat. By caring for and releasing numerous different turtles the hospital is able to research a significant population of sea turtles. One of their most important areas of research at the moment is studying the Fibropapilloma (FP) virus in sea turtles that has recently been affecting quite a wide margin of the sea turtle population. The last goal of the hospital is education and community outreach. By connecting directly with both citizens of Florida and visitors and teaching them about one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, we can all come together for the common goal of preserving them for future generations.

The hospital is open to tours to the public but they must be booked in advance and have at least ten people signed up for them so be sure to book one. They have two unique and exciting tours available to the public. The first is the behind the scenes tour which takes visitors directly into the research laboratories of the facility.

Here guests will learn all about the work scientists are doing with the animals that they are studying and you will be able to talk to experts in the field and see the the animals and equipment used by them on a daily basis. The other and most popular tour is the Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab. On this exciting tour, you will be able to meet the numerous different sea turtles that the hospital is caring for and learn about the different procedures the scientists and vets use to study and care for them. You will also get to meet the many wonderful people who care for these creatures.

So whether you are interested in exploring a unique field of science or just want to see some amazing sea turtles be sure to make a trip to Whitney Lab on your Florida vacation. The three CME conferences offered by CEC in Palm Coast is very close to Whitney Labs and primary care attendees can arrange for a tour after the medical conference.


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