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The Tropical Taste of Kona Coffee

Coffee is one of our nation’s most popular drinks with millions of people enjoying its rich taste or getting a boost of quick energy right after they wake up. Whether you enjoy taking your morning cup with cream, sugar, or black; drinking it by the cup or down it by the gallon coffee is a daily necessity for many of us.

The huge demand for coffee has made it a cash crop in many tropical nations around the world throughout Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The intense climate required for coffee trees to grow requires a variety of specific conditions. While advancements in agriculture and specialty greenhouses have made growing coffee domestically a possibility in recent years, Hawaii has had a rich history of coffee growing that dates back over two hundred years.

Hawaiian coffee

Coffee cultivation in Hawaii dates back to 1813 when the first seeds were brought over by European settlers and missionaries. Although the first few attempts to grow these remarkable trees on the island failed by the 1820s the plants finally began taking root and farmers enjoyed the first of many bountiful harvests. Even though coffee plants were proven to grow successfully on the islands the industry was overshadowed by the demand for sugar. Sugar proved easier and cheaper to grow and plantations began expanding and vastly outnumbering coffee farms. Eventually, coffee growth and production were limited to just a small portion of land known as Kona located on the big island, Hawai’i

Though the space was modest, the Kona region proved exceptional for coffee production. The region is located on the slopes of two large volcanoes. The fertile soil, stable warm temperature, and regular rainfall help the coffee trees to thrive. Unlike a lot of farms located in the coffee belt, the volcanic soil provides natural water filtration and the higher altitude changes the flavor profile of the beans. This rich combination of factors combined with local roasting techniques makes Kona coffee stand out from nearly any other blend on the market. After getting their first taste of the Kona coffee profile many coffee lovers find it difficult to go back to a regular cup.

Kona Coffee

Kona coffee doesn’t just have a rich history on the island of Hawai’i, it has a unique culture that continues to this day that connects a diverse community of farmers, roasters, and baristas. If you’re visiting this beautiful state for the first time you may be surprised to find numerous local coffee brands right beside your favorite batches on store shelves.

One of the most popular with locals is Royal Kona Coffee which began in 1969 and is enjoyed all around the world. Another brand that’s been making huge waves in the industry is Big Island Roasters. Started in 2010 by couple Brandon van Damitz and Kalleigh Stewart their empire began as a humble dream when they purchased a small farm and began learning everything they could about growing coffee and roasting. Their blends have gone on to win numerous awards and are famous for roasting each bag to order, stamping the date, and sending it to customers all over the globe.

The sunny beaches and pristine ocean views are some of the biggest draws to this beautiful state but Hawaii offers other treasures for visitors bold enough to look for them. Even if you’re from a state where agriculture is a common sight, farms on these islands offer spectacular unique scenery you won’t find anywhere else. Many local roasters offer tours of their facilities and after sampling the bold tropical taste of Kona coffee for the first time you may find it difficult to go back. A day trip through the Hawaiian countryside would be the perfect way to spend a free afternoon if you choose to visit us for any of our primary care CME conferences in Hawaii.

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