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Try Yoga with Goats in Nashville

Even though it might sound a bit absurd at first, goat yoga has actually been proven to have a surprising amount of health benefits. Yoga has already been demonstrated to help practitioners with everything from improving their flexibility to regulating their hormonal levels. When combined with the benefits of animal therapy it’s no wonder why this accidental trend has exploded in popularity in recent years. It probably helps that goats are extremely curious and nimble creatures that love to explore and aren’t shy about climbing seemingly impossible surfaces. The trend of combining goats with yoga may have first begun in Oregon but it has soon spread all over the country as numerous people swear by its odd therapeutic qualities.

It didn’t take long before the odd trend made its way to Nashville where the city has gained a reputation as having some of the best programs in the nation. Goat Yoga Nashville didn’t start as the studio it has grown into today. It first began with a firefighter who was looking for a nice way to distress and unwind after coming home and decided to combine two of his passions: goats and yoga. After finding the experience as calming as others around the nation were saying, the firefighter’s family soon opened the doors of their farm as a yoga studio and the guests began pouring in. Their classes are known not only for their easy approachability but the fun staff and charismatic goats. The goats have made such a great impression on everyone that they’ve become unlikely local celebrities in their own right appearing in numerous programs including the Country Music Awards, Southern Kitchen, and ESPN. Another studio that’s been making a name for itself in Nashville is the aptly named Shennigoats Yoga Studio. This studio specializes in helping people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels come together and enjoy the benefits of this therapy together. This studio loves goats so much that they don’t just stop at including them in yoga classes but also in painting classes and numerous other local events.

Goat yoga might sound a bit strange and overwhelming at first but rest assured you’re almost certain to leave with a smile stretched ear to ear. The practice is geared more towards having fun and relaxing over learning complex yoga positions. Classes at both these studios are designed to be participated by people of all ages. So if it’s your first time doing yoga or even being around goats you’re in a safe place and are sure to have a great time. Your instructor will gently guide you through each of the positions as the goats begin to frolic and play all around you. Goats love to explore their surroundings and will often begin to start climbing guests. It doesn’t hurt that all the goats are young, light, and curious. Their hooves are unexpectedly ticklish and you’ll find yourself laughing as they climb onto your back or begin to try to play with you while you stretch out on the ground. Don’t forget to bring your camera as your instructor is more than happy to get some unique pictures of you as the goats climb or rest on top of you. Most classes are taught in the beautiful outdoors if the weather allows it. If you get the chance to stop laughing at all the fun you’ll be having with the playful goats take the chance to relax and look at the beautiful Tennessee wilderness that surrounds you.

Although most of us love vacations for the amazing destinations we can see as well as the unique restaurants we get to enjoy with our families they can also introduce us to new experiences and leave us memories that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous or just want to step out of your comfort zone why not give goat yoga a try if you choose to join us at our Continuing Education Company Primary Care live CME conference in Nashville this year.

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