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Unique Tours in Charleston

When you travel to any destination, it is easy to find the popular attractions that all tourists flock to visit. But there is always another side to every city. It’s important to take in unique treasures the location has to offer. In Charleston, there are two unique types of tours that we recommend: ghost tours and horse carriage tours.

Ghost Tours

The city of Charleston is often found high on any list pertaining to most haunted cities in America. It’s true; Charleston has a rich history of ghost folklore and reported hauntings. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, ghost stories are one of the last forms of oral history passed down through modern society. The legends that survive showcase the local culture. As such, ghost tours can be one of the most intriguing and unique attractions to do when you are in Charleston.

One of the most popular ghost tours is through Bulldog Tours. They have not only one type of tour, but nine tours to choose from. Their nightly tours have access to the most infamous and haunted sites in the city. Whether it’s an evening walk through the oldest graveyards in Charleston or checking out paranormal activity in the Old City Jail, Bulldog Tours has a lot to offer.

Horse Carriage Tours

If you are looking for something less in the “dark arts” and more in the “classic” realm, you might consider a carriage tour around Charleston. Sure, you can always walk around the city on foot, but carriage guides share stories and interesting facts and history that make carriage tours fun and exciting. Carriage guides are known for their storytelling, personality, and unparalleled knowledge about the city, which will make each carriage ride different. Be sure to check out one of the best carriage tours, Old South Carriage Company, which is known for their extra care and attention to their guides and horses. Tours are held daily, so be sure to make your reservation today.

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