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Walk in the Footsteps of Royalty on the Hoapili Trail

What was once a highway reserved exclusively for Hawaiian royalty has quickly transformed into one of the most popular hiking trails in all of Maui. Hoapili Trail also known as King’s Highway as it stands today was constructed and named after Governor Hoapili in 1824.

The sixteen-year long project sought to restore and preserve a pathway only meant for royalty before time withered away the fragile path. The current trail follows the ancient pathway precisely and is remarkably flat compared to the rather extreme rises in elevation that surround it. Although the trail was largely a hidden secret known only to locals the path has seen many hikers in recent years flock to it for its unique ecology and meditative stillness. It is the perfect place to visit while attending a Continuing Education Company primary care CME conference. The trail is a 5.5-mile-long loop that will take you through wildflower fields, tide pools, and Hawaii’s youngest lava flow. The path also has many different notable sights and offshoots to look out for along the way. One of the most popular side trips is an old and weathered lighthouse and numerous other side trails. While Hoapili Trail is known for being an easily accessible trail you should still come prepared. It’s advisable that you bring along plenty of water, sunscreen, and food if you need it as the full trail takes about four hours to complete. Closed-toe shoes or a nice pair of hiking boots are also highly recommended as the path is made of gravel and sharp lava rocks.

Ahi-Kinau'u Reserve

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous Hoapili Trail is just a small part of the even larger Ahi-Kinau’u Reserve. This natural reserve has over 1200 acres to explore and numerous different ecosystems with its own unique ecology. The reserve has some of the best examples of Hawaiian dry forest and relatively young volcanic ecosystems. The trails favor beginner to intermediate hikers with plenty of chances to stop, relax, and appreciate oceanic and mountainous views you can’t find anywhere else.

Like anywhere else in the tropics, Hawaii has its unique flair of tropical plants, flowers, and birds of paradise. If you come on a particularly calm day you can hear all the birds sing to one another from the dense tree canopies or snap a picture of a still mountain uninterrupted by the clouds as it towers impossibly upwards to the sky. Besides the numerous different species of plant and animal life, you can find while exploring the trails this reserve is perhaps best known for containing the healthiest coral reefs in all of Hawaii. This pristine ecosystem draws in rarer forms of wildlife including dolphins who love to play in Ahihi Bay during the morning hours and sea turtles who visit the area to have their shells cleaned by the colorful local fish.

Ahihi Bay

Ahihi Bay draws in both locals and tourists alike who flock to its sandy shores to experience the serene beauty of the area in all its glory. The bay is widely known as the best place to snorkel in Maui. This is because of the relative stillness of the waves, the pristine reefs, and numerous species of exotic and colorful fish to spot while you swim. If you’re particularly lucky you may even get to see sea turtles make a stop here to rest after traversing the ocean on their neverending odysseys. If you’re even luckier you may even get to see their shells get cleaned by special fish who eat off barnacles and other parasites that harm these amazing creatures. If it’s your first time snorkeling or if you’re just not very experienced it’s advisable you visit the bay earlier in the morning when the tides are calmer. Even if you’re not looking to snorkel, this unique cove is perfect for anyone just looking for a nice place to relax in the sun just be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!

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