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Your Backstage Pass to Country Music's Most Famous Stage

For country music performers and fans there’s no stage more famous than Nashville’s very own Grand Ole Opry which has been entertaining guests with one of a kind performances since it was first founded over eighty years ago. What would later become a Mecca for all country music fans from around the world had its humble origins as a simple radio station founded by a local insurance company with an interest in country music and radio. The local broadcasts quickly gained a massive local following and many fans began to flock to the radio station just to get a glimpse of their favorite stars performing. Due to the massive influx of fans, the radio station quickly expanded and constructed two new studios to seat live crowds who began traveling to Nashville just to watch these shows. The first performances were hosted in the iconic Ryman Auditorium before being relocated to the newer and larger Grand Ole Opry House that continues to draw in guests today. The first show in the new location was performed by Roy Acuff who was accompanied by then-President Richard Nixon. Numerous different music legends both old and new have performed there including Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Darius Rucker, Loretta Lynn, and Bill Anderson. Besides its daily music performances, the radio station still broadcasts today with millions tuning to the station from around the world.

With its constant performances from both local and international stars, a trip to Nashville wouldn’t feel complete if you didn’t attend one of its numerous different shows and Continuing Education Company CME meetings held in Nashville give you the perfect opportunity. Besides offering one-of-a-kind musical experiences with all your favorite stars, the Grand Ole Opry also offers several unique tours if you want to make your visit all the more memorable. The most popular tour available is the Daytime Backstage Pass. This tour allows guests an exclusive look into the rich history of the stage and the numerous different stars who have performed there through photo collections, artifacts, studio tours, 3D films, and newly restored archival footage. If you’re interested in a more in-depth look into what goes on to create the shows you may want to consider booking the Behind the Curtain Star Experience Tour. See what Garth Brooks meant when he famously said, “The real show is backstage. That’s the Opry.” On this tour, you will get an exclusive look into what goes on right before a show and watch the stagehands move frantically as they prepare for another amazing show. Perhaps the best part of this tour is your chance to spend time in the Family Room right beside the stage as you watch the red curtain rise and the first performance of the evening. After seeing an amazing concert, one of the hardest things to do is to accept that it's finally over and you have to make your way back home or to your hotel room. Luckily if you want to keep the excitement going the Opry has you covered with the Post Show Backstage Tour. After watching a performance of your choice you’ll follow a guide across the stage and through the artist entrance for a one of a kind experience like no other in Music City. On this tour, you’ll get to peek into some of the themed dressing rooms and exclusive in-depth tours of all three of the Opry’s famous studios. Whether you’re interested in catching a show from one of your favorite artists or just have an interest in music and history don’t miss your chance to visit Nashville’s most popular attraction the Grand Ole Opry.

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