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EKG/ECG Interpretation Explained Clearly (10 Credits)

Skill-based Instruction

Learn the Key Skills to Effectively and Systematically Read an Electrocardiogram.

This course features 40 sessions designed to clarify, review, and augment the training and understanding of clinicians in the field of electrocardiogram interpretation. Topics include Heart Physiology, EKG Leads, EKG Vectors, EKG Paper, EKG Tracing, EKG Waves, EKG Complexes, EKG Intervals, Autonomic Nervous System, Rate and Automaticity, R&R and Rate Practice, Arrhythmais, Escape Rhythms, Premature Beats and Pauses, Tacyarrhythmias, V-Tach and Torsades de Pointes, Atrial and Ventricular Flutter, Fibrillation, Heart Blocks, Escape Rhythms, Precordial Leads, Hypertrophy, Atrial Enlargement, Q Waves, Infarction, Hemiblocks, Fascicular Blocks, COPD, PE, Hyperkalemia, Digoxin, and How to Systematically Read an EKG.

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